Homemade Rice Cake with Homegrown Mugwort


Homemade rice cake with homegrown mugwort


I decided to make mugwort rice cake today because I’ve got mugwort grown full of a pot.



Rice (gluten-free, soaked and drained) 200g

Mugwort 80g

Salt 1tsp

Sugar 1tbs

Hot water 3tbs


It took longer than I thought to prep the homegrown mugwort. I gathered soft tender leaves only and rinse through water two or three times.


1. Place the clean mugwort in a spinner and remove water by spinning. Weight it.

2. Wash 200g of rice three times and let it sit for 2 hours and drain through sieve for 2 hours.

3. Put the mugwort in the salted boiled water, boil it for 30 seconds, and immerse it in the ice wa-ter.

4. Let it cool completely, and squeeze water out of it completely.

5. Grind the rice finely.

6. Sift the rice two or three times.

7. Add salt and sugar into the rice powder and sift it again.

8. Squeeze the water out of the mugwort and chop them finely.

9. Mix the chopped mugwort with the rice powder. Add 3 spoons of boiling water and knead it for 10 minutes.

10. If the moisture of the rice batter is less, you can add more hot water accordingly. If the rice powder is already moist enough, add less water. The batter should not feel dry.

11. Knead the batter and roll out to make a shape of a long dough snake.

12. Cut them up into 2cm pieces (size of a 50 cent).

13. Make them into round shapes and add patterns by using a stamp on them.

14. Transfer all the pieces into the steamer (pre-heated) and steam for 10 minutes.

15. Once steamed, let the rice cake pieces cool. Once done, brush a bit of sesame oil on the piec-es for better taste and presentation.

Today we had a crack at making mugwort rice cake using my homegrown mugwort.

Though quite common in Korea, you may find the mugwort rare here.

Hope you enjoy! :)

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