Makeup Tutorial: BlackPink Rosé



Hi everyone! Roroadella is back!

Today, we are putting on the makeup of Rosé from our most beloved K-Pop girls, BlackPink!




Lenses: Scandi 1-Day Gray
Eyebrows: Cosnori Easy Draw Auto Eyebrow 04
Comb the brows in the direction of their growth.
Fill in the brows from the middle to the arch, stretch the tail out to make the brows longer.
Lengthen the eyebrows slightly from their heads and the tails.



Eyebrow Mascara: Etude House Color My Brows 02 Light Brown
Using this mascara, color the brows light brown.
Lighter eyebrows soften up your impression too.



Shadows: Code Glokolor Toast Shadow palette #Cinnamon Toast



Use Apricot Cannele as the base, apply it onto your eyelid using the round brush and blend it in.
Brush the remaining shadow through the u underline connecting the outer ends as well.



Next, use Honey Punch (Orange-gold shadow) and spread on the under eye bags.



Use the darkest shade on the palette, Oreo Pie to add more depth to your eyes.
With the brush, apply on the crease, sweep it right along the eye socket following the shape of your eye. Define the shape of your eyeliner slightly upward as shown in the image.



Use Maple Rich (Reddish brown) with a smudging brush on the eye lid lightly.
Accentuate the outer ends and the triangle zone effortlessly multiple times.



Eyeline: Cosnori Superproof Fitting Brush Eyeliner 01 Black
Curl the eyelashes with the curler.
Rosé’s signature eye makeup is the straight stretched-out wings.
With a black eyeliner, gradually thicken the eyeline as you go outward and draw the wings thin and long.



Eyelash: Fillimilli Daily #3
Primp the eyes with your favorite lashes!
After glue, curl them with your real lashes with a curler.



Apply mascara on the under lashes as well, layer a couple of times for a stronger look.

Blush: Romand Better Than Cheek #Peach Chip
Use a peachy pink shade on your cheeks to give a pretty glow on your skin.
Blend into your skin to stay put all day.

Hope you found the tutorial helpful.
Stay beautiful, all of you!





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