MBA MobalA Eosungcho Derma Scalp Intensive Ampoule


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Today I brought a product that will take care of your scalp’s health! In the midst of staying at home forever because of Covid19 and the extreme cold weather on top of that, I thought to make this time worthwhile and pamper myself, starting from my scalp!

I’ve tried on this product called MBA MobalA Eosungcho Derma Scalp Intensive Ampoule.



MBA MobalA Eosungcho Derma Scalp Intensive Ampoule 20ml Scalp care, massage, cooling effect, hair loss prevention
You can find it on Korean National Co-brand KBrandK’s website.



It’s pocket-sized and very convenient to use.



Easy application - squeeze the tube, release the ampoule on the triple massage balls and roll them on your scalp



Not quite visible in the photo, the ampoule is slightly brown in color.
The rich ampoule absorbs into your scalp quickly and supplies nutrition to your scalp and hair.

Contains 7% Houttuynia cordata (Eosungcho) extract high in protein like eggs
3.5% vitamin and mineral-rich perilla leaf extract,
Polyphenol and catechins for scalp nourishment,
5% extract of 9 types of herbs for hair loss relief



The perfect blend of the above ingredients make your hair and scalp strong and healthy.

Moreover, it’s a reliable product with a patent. No more visiting salons or clinics anymore! Let’s try this scalp care at home and make our hair healthy and plentiful!





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