48 hours in Jeju Island


A few weeks ago, we took a short trip to Jeju Island, located at the south of the Korean Peninsula. While it was controversial to travel during this current pandemic, it was equally crucial to get a change of scenery from the routine of our 9-5’s. We were very safe while we travelled, always wore masks and washed our hands everywhere we went. The airport was well equipped with temperature monitoring and mask safety.

This trip gave us a quick glimpse at what life could be like in the near future. A future where people are excited to explore more of the beautiful countries they inhabit rather than feeling the need to jet off far away each chance they get. Keep scrolling to the end to watch a video of our travels! I hoe you are staying safe and well. Feel free to follow my Instagram @hellojoquinn to keep up with all things life in South Korea.


Osulloc Tea Museum


Ö puff x piz plz Cafe





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Johanna Quinn

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Hello, I’m Johanna aka Korean Picnic aka an industrial designer living and working in South Korea. I work at a startup as a UX/UI designer, I make YouTube videos at late hours of the night and I also take pictures and write words to go with them here on my blog. Oh, and I also draw doodles and share them online. Clearly I have no sense of purpose, motivation or skills!

I started Jo So Ko as a way to chronicle my study abroad semester at KAIST in 2017. Prior to that, I documented my travels to Japan on a blog called Jopan and obviously had to keep the name-country portmanteau situation alive.

Three years later, I’m still here chronicling my life, albeit a much different one, in South Korea. What was once filled with campus life photos and weekend trips around Korea is now full of adventures with my husband and advice about starting your career overseas. I can’t wait to see how my journey with South Korea, the Korean language and my career in Korea all continue to bloom in the coming years.