Stuffed Squid


Recipe for Stuffed Squid
Ojingeo Sundae





- 3 Squid
- 2 Eggs
- 5 Garlic (minced)
- 2 Green chillies (minced)
- 1/3 Red Paprika (finely chopped)
- 1/3 Yellow Paprika (finely chopped)
- 1/3 root Scallion (finely chopped)
- 1/3 Carrot (finely chopped)
- 50gm Tofu
- 1T Sesame seed oil
- 3T Flour
- Salt n Pepper
- Coriander (optional)





- Clean the squid and remove the innards, finely chop the legs and dry inside of the body with kitchen towel.

- Put together the chopped legs with rest of the ingredients and mix them together to make fillings.

- Stuff 3/4 of the squid body with the filling and skewer the end with large tooth pick.

- Steam for 15-20 minutes et voilà!




- Stuffed squid or Ojingeo Sundae is a Korean traditional food originated from coastal area called Sokcho, where I'm currently living.

- Usually several vegetables, minced beef, tofu and glass noodles are stuffed inside the cleaned out squid and steamed.

- Make sure the water is squeezed out from tofu and wiped out from squid body.

- Only about 80% of the filling is stuffed to avoid gushing out while steaming as well as cutting.

- After cutting them into pieces, dipping them into the stirred egg and frying on a pan is another way to enjoy the dish.





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