Marche@ – Organic Farmer’s Market



Today, for the first time, I visited an organic farmer’s market in Seoul. I had heard about the Marche@ Market in previous years, but never checked it out. I really wish I had gone sooner, because it is such a great event. It offers fresh, organic produce, baked goods, tea, spices, sauces, ferments, kitchen products, and other handmade goods. You can also enjoy a healthy lunch from some of the vendors.



Here is the lunch I enjoyed. It was a bean dahl topped with cilantro and rice and a side of fresh salad and eggplant salad. It was super delicious. It cost 8,000.

Below are pictures taken of various vendors. As you can see, there’s a lot of variety and everything is neatly presented. It was such a lovely shopping experience.



At the bottom left of the photo above you can see the giant bunches of basil. It’s very fragrant so I could smell it before I saw it. Each bunch is only 1,000 won. The root is attached so you could try to plant it if you want.



This herb garden would look so nice in my new kitchen. I would love to have a garden of my own.



These dried roots are used to make tea. The one on the left is burdock and the one on the right is ugly potato. Yes, ugly potato! hehe



This fall bouquet would also look lovely in my apartment. Hint hint…boyfriend?



These jars contain what the woman described as “peanut jam”. It’s really more like a coarsely blended peanut butter mixed with honey. It was absolutely delicious. The price was a bit steep at 10,000 won for the small jar, otherwise I would have bought it. It seems like something I can make at home. The peanuts used come from Udo (우도), an island off the coast of Jeju. 



I absolutely love these kabocha squash, also knows as simply a pumpkin in Korea. These tiny ones are a perfect serving size for one person. The great thing about the organic pumpkins is that you can eat the skin! I don’t recommend eating the skin of the inorganic ones because of the chemicals sprayed.



I found the produce prices to be very reasonable. Compared to purchasing organic vegetables at a grocery store, it is cheaper. Plus, there is the benefit of directly supporting the farmers. Also, when purchasing produce at a Farmer’s Market, it is generally fresher than in the store. I didn’t buy too much because I’m expecting my first Gachi CSA delivery on Wednesday. The Thai Basil was 1,000 for a giant bunch, a beet with the greens attached was also 1,000 won. The three small pumpkins were 5,000 won and the pear was 1,500.



The market takes place 2 Sundays a month, and rotates between a few locations in Seoul. Today, it was at Hyehwa Station, on the light blue line. The hours are 11:00 – 4:00. I recommend going earlier to get the best selection. Marche@ does have a website, but for some reason it isn’t working today. It is or their FaceBook page.





Mokkoji Korea Influencer

Hello friends, 

Welcome to My Healthy Seoul, an online space I have created to share my knowledge of holistic living in South Korea.
My focus will be how to live a plant-based lifestyle, both in the home and around the city of Seoul.
With my passion for nutrition, I hope to inspire others to use food as a way to heal and nourish the body. 

Here’s a little information about my educational background. 

In 2008 I graduated from the University of Guelph in Canada with an honours degree in Biological Science and Food Science. After working in the food processing industry for two years, I had a strong feeling that this was not the right path for me. Growing up, my diet consisted mostly of healthy, whole foods that were prepared into delicious meals by my family. So, I knew that working for an organization that did not support my core beliefs was not the best choice for me. 

In 2011, I moved to Seoul to travel and experience a new culture while teaching English. My one year abroad extended to three years. During my time in Seoul, I completed a yoga teacher training course at Magic Pond Yoga School. Yoga allowed me to connect to a deeper part of myself by becoming more aware of my physical body and the energy within me. 

Feeling that I wanted to make Seoul my home, I decided to move back to Canada to further my education in holistic nutrition. I attended the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto for an intense year of study. While at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, I also studied Clinical Iridology. 

Now that I have returned to Seoul, I’m looking forward to connecting with the community.
Sharing nutritional information I have learned, recipes I have created and lifestyle tips for living a balanced lifestyle are my goals for this space.

I hope you enjoy.