Haenam Ttangkkeut Camping - Jeollanam-do


Camping at the Edge of the Land - Ecological Experience with Pets



It was somewhere in the middle of the night that we made to the camping area. Good decision to have gotten dinner elsewhere on our way.

Set up our tent



Gathered around for a night cap



Next day, we took part in an event, Ecological Experience with Pets and Mountain Dog Game.



Mountain Dog Game is a trail race around Ttangkkeut Hwangto Nara Theme Park.



Race was for all dogs, however the awards ceremony was held separately for bigger-sized and smaller-sized dogs.

Prizes given out were things that were not only loved by the dogs but also by the humans.



Ready, set, go!



Dogs have no clue about the race it seems. They are extra hyper as they get to run!
Humans being dragged as always.

Mission of the race: Collect all 8 stamps from the stops.



Romantic as it looks, walking your dog along the beautiful coast of Namhae.



But in reality, humans beaten to death than alive. Haha



Ttangkkeut Songho Beach



Sound of leaping, rushing, heavy breathing



Hahaha, see the contrast between the doggies and their humans



Adorable smiles on our buddies (except for one…)



Gathered around for a night cap



Lunch time!



Chef of the day: Durag’s daddy



Second activity: Dying cotton handkerchief in red clay



Dissolve red clay in water, immerse the handkerchief and squeeze with hands



After a rinse and hang for a bit, second round of dying for deeper color, and done!



Time for our dogs: Nosework at the mudflat Sun was setting and the water slowly receded and opened up a way to the island called Juk-do.



Walk along the beach to Juk-do



Children on a seafood hunt



Indescribable sunset view from the Haenam Ttangkkeut observatory nearby



Back to the camp - Dinner!
I can never remember to take photos before eating.



Alpine Club Tent (Yet to be launched) - a tent for two, 980g weight Got it out for a beta test and it’s satisfactory! Could be launched in 2021.



First ever pet-friendly camping experience.
Cannot even begin to imagine the freedom and excitement the dogs would feel to be
running around in this endless nature. Both humans and pets had on expressions much more relaxed and content. That in turn spread happiness to me.




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