First Snow and Staying Inside Away from Covid


This morning in Gyeonggi-do, we woke up to a magical snow-covered view from our window. It felt like Christmas morning, and the excitement was enough to get me out of bed on a Sunday. I threw on my warmest clothes and the rain boots I purchased during this year’s monsoon season, and raced outside to walk in the snow. Two young children had already beaten me to it, and were collecting snow balls from the car windshields. For a brief moment, I regained some much needed hope in 2020 and felt like a kid again myself.

In less sunny news, today South Korea reported over 1,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day. This marks the highest number of new cases here since its outbreak at the beginning of the year. I am becoming increasingly worried about the virus here as we move into the holiday season. Koreans have had quite a successful year thanks to its cooperative citizens, avoiding any drastic lockdown measures. This has lulled us all into a false sense of security, allowing people to feel comfortable socializing and going out so long as they are donning a face mask.

These days, I have been staying home, cooking meals and finding small comforts in our cosy home. Today’s snow gave me all the more reason to have a quiet day in and attempt to finish off the pile of unfinished books next to my bed. The looming new year is a reminder that I have yet again failed as a reader!

I hope you are staying safe and taking care of your health. Today, I finished reading the book ‘Before the Coffee Gets Cold’ by Toshikazu Kawaguchi. It is about a cafe in Tokyo where you can travel back in time, but only to meet someone who has visited the cafe previously. The time traveller must return to the present before their cup of coffee gets cold, otherwise an alternative fate awaits them. The book made me think about who I would go back and visit, if only for 10 minutes. It was beautiful how the characters were able to grow and learn about themselves from their short journey to the past. It was such a lovely story, and if you love Japan, you might enjoy it! Take care and follow me on Youtube or Instagram for more content.



Here is my latest YouTube video of a day in my life working from home in South Korea. I hope you enjoy my attempt at making Korean subtitles!





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I started Jo So Ko as a way to chronicle my study abroad semester at KAIST in 2017. Prior to that, I documented my travels to Japan on a blog called Jopan and obviously had to keep the name-country portmanteau situation alive.

Three years later, I’m still here chronicling my life, albeit a much different one, in South Korea. What was once filled with campus life photos and weekend trips around Korea is now full of adventures with my husband and advice about starting your career overseas. I can’t wait to see how my journey with South Korea, the Korean language and my career in Korea all continue to bloom in the coming years.